Friday, May 30, 2008

the coat rack rundown

My coat rack works hard. And I don't consider it just a coat rack. It acts as an organizer of all things I might need on my way out the door. It had been neglected and needed some attention.

In the process of repainting my office, I took everything off the rack, and started over, considering all of the things that I really needed this area to do.

On top, a basket holds books and movies to be returned to the library. I can also deposit oversize packages that need to get taken to the post office in the basket, or items to be returned at the mall.

The hooks, of course, keep our coats organized. I try to rotate the jackets in or out storage seasonally, so that the rack doesn't get too overwhelmed. Obviously, this is an ongoing thing to keep up with, and I had not done it in a while. With the bulky coats of winter put away, I can also hang guests' coats here as they come in the door. Now there is more room to keep my umbrella and purse here as well.

The basket on the floor under the coat rack is sort of a catchall. It is the perfect spot to stash my reusable grocery bags, the tote I take on consultations, and seasonal purses. When its cold out, hats and scarves find their home here too.

If you think that a similar system might work for you, here are a couple of good looking products:

Restoration Hardware's Bistro Train rack could definitely be put to use outside the bathroom.

Create your own system using mismatched brackets, shelving, and hooks:
Anthroplogie's Vineyard Brackets and Lava Flower Hook Rack with Ikea's Tryggve wood shelf.

Or go ultra-simple with the Container Store's Platinum elfa basket and hook system.

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