Sunday, November 8, 2009

a new abode

I'm having to grasp a new concept: we will be moving across the water to Seattle. While the thought of leaving our sweet and wonderful home behind and settling into a totally urban environment freaks me out a lot, I am doubly excited to decorate a new home. Several major elements must be determined before we can start our apartment search in earnest; the biggest of which is finding suitable renters for our house.

Because we will also be renting, I am certain that painting walls will not be an option, so the slate will quite literally be blank. Once we have our space picked out, we can start the process of determining which pieces to bring with us, and what will get left behind, or given to friends. This task seems sort of inconceivable at this moment in time. Of course, I can't help but imagine new furniture in our new space, along with the old. However, per the usual, the budget is going to be tight, actually, it's likely to be the tightest ever.

The good news is, I will be surrounded by all kinds of new design inspiration, and loads of great shopping will be within reach. I am very excited to explore each neighborhood and scout the best deals on the greatest home accessories, fabric and furniture. This move will afford me lots to blog about, no doubt. A few of the stores that I have visited only briefly, and loved, are about to see alot more of me!

Watson Kennedy
On First Ave, Watson Kennedy is a gorgeous smorgasbord of French trinkets, dishes, and stationary. While some items are a bit pricey, this is definitely the spot for those little affordable luxuries: fine soaps and lotions and pages of ancient sheet music. And, the beauty with which it is all displayed is sure to provide tons of FREE inspiration. One stop in here and I feel like I am instantly living the good life!

Hidden Hamlet plates $12.00 each.
At Anthropologie, I sometimes find myself drooling. Again, I lust after the beautiful displays full of lots of things I can't afford, but there are always some treasures worth searching for in the clearance area. And, I do not want to wholly discourage, because many of their regularly priced tabletop items are also fair.

The Anne Bonny in the Capitol Hill neighborhood offers choice vintage artwork, furniture and knickknacks. In addition to finding several funky items to pine over, I experienced an amazing in-store music performance by J. Tillman of Fleet Foxes a while back. They have moved since then, but I am really looking forward to experiencing the new space.

I have never visited Red Ticking in Madison Valley, but have always wanted to. I plan on becoming familiar with their inventory of vintage French textiles, and finding ways to apply that beautifully simple yet sophisticated aesthetic in my new place.

And there will be sooooo much more to write about. I can't wait to share all of the details with you, and to report on the progress of simplifying before the move. On to new adventures in budget decorating... always!