Tuesday, May 27, 2008

office redesign

The desk before the redo.

My office was in need of a new pallet. We had previously been using it as the den, so the red and deep khaki color scheme worked to create a cozy lair. Now that it is functioning full time as a home office for both Chris and I, the time to change has come.

I wanted it to feel fresher and more calming. I wanted the desk to face the window so that I might inadvertently absorb some vitamin D while staring at the computer screen. I wanted the colors to flow with the rest of the house. Most of all, we needed it to be more functional.

In April, I was enthralled with Domino's feature on Drew Barrymore's Flower Films production company offices. Designer Ruthie Sommers injected high style in a touchable and personal manner. I just loved the outcome. The look is charming and welcoming without being kitschy. This blending of function and design is what I based my office redecorating on.

Before: The red curtains made the room nice and dark while we were screening a movie, but did not provide enough light for office functions.

After: With the desk in position to receive lots of natural light, I decided to change out the curtains (an old pair from an old apartment) to a golden yellow.

Before: There was only one chair for a guest, cat, client or spouse to sit in.

After: Now one of us can lounge with a cat or two while the other works on the computer.

The bookcase to the left of the desk holds all of my design books and favorite design magazines. My bulletin board cluster hangs above.

The command center sits to the right of the desk and keeps my everyday references at arms' reach.

Plus, now Basie can sit and watch Old Blue the stellar jay pick through our gutter for nest materials.

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