Saturday, September 27, 2008

a place to rest my head

It all started with an amazing find at the Kitsap Rotary Annual Garage Sale. This head board with faded fabric, but good bones, was only $5! Of course I snatched it up, seeing its potential.

I polled you all, and asked you what I should cover it with. Most of you thought I should do the solid red for drama and warmth. Well, I finally got around to making a decision! Although I did take your votes into consideration, I had to be implusive, but go with what as affordable, available, and practical. I didn't want to use something that would be too trendy, or too busy. I wanted to find a solution that would be classic, but add a strong design element to the bedroom.

I found the answer at TJMaxx. A solid light blue, twin-sized quilt with a simple, straight topstitched design. The texture would add a softness, and the color would perk up the room. Plus, it was just $20!

Candace helped me with the project, and we decided that keeping the existing fabric and padding on the headboard would be easiest and cheapest. In about 15 mintues we had stretched and stapled the quilt into place. At the corners where the fabric bunched up quite a bit, I used upholstery tacks, instead of the staple gun, to neatly secure the quilt to the headboard.

The coolest element though, was the nailhead trim. I condsidered not using it at all, but it was on sale at JoAnn Fabrics, and i just couldn't reisist! I am so glad I used it, it added just the right touch of refinement and really made the piece look finished. It was so easy to use too. The trim is on one long spool, with a hole in every fourth place to nail an acutal tack into the furniture. The result is seamless and professional looking.

The only thing I have yet to figure out, is how to keep the headboard rasied off the ground. For the moment, I have it resting on top of the boxspring, sandwiched between the wall and the mattress. While this looks fine, it is not a permanent solution. I want to make some legs for it in the near future. The total cost for the headboard project so far,(without the legs), is about $32. Good deal, right?

As an added bonus, my husband loves the softness of it, and we have actually spent time reading in bed. He even said that it looks really professional! The bedroom now feels more cozy and nest-like, just in time for chilly fall nights! Now, if we can only find a way to block the draft from our leaky windows! To be continued...