Monday, May 26, 2008

a desire to simplify, add modern design

I am ready to uncomplicate my surroundings to achieve a more serene space.
Image from Jeff Andrews Design on Metropolitan Home's website.

Lately, I have been on a second-hand store bender. And, while I truly love and value the concept of giving old things a new context in my home, I feel that my surroundings are quickly becoming too "precious". Scrolly legs on tables, pretty floral fabrics, and accessories that look well-loved or old fashioned dominate my home. All of a sudden, it feels cutesy, not casual... the look seems too contrived and pulled together.

I have recently acquired the desire to simplify and add some subtle, more modern elements. How in the world can I do this for NO money?
Can I copy some contemporary ideas with the pieces that I already have?
What if I just purge and declutter?
If any of you have any thoughts on this matter, I would really like to hear them.

The "no budget" concept is going to be a hard one to get around. I'll let you know what I come up with. So for now, here are some images of rooms that inspire me.

Betsy Burnham Design, based in L.A. beautifully blends classic with contemporary. This serene and simple bath is a pleasant example of that aesthetic.

The clean lines and stark contrast of this dining area found on Metropolitan Home's website appeal to me. It is refined without feeling cold.

This living room has a cozy, but sophisticated vibe. The squareness of the upholstered pieces lends a modern feel while the rich espresso brown tones warm the space. Also based in L.A., Jeff Andrews Design combines a modern sensibility with old fashioned comfort.

The light and contemporary elements in this photo are complements of West Elm. The cut glass lamp,simple rectangular desk, and large bands of color on the curtains draw me in.

Some recurring elements to take note of: modern light fixtures, color pallets that create high contrast, crisp white, lots of textural elements, and well-placed bold pops of color. So, again, how am I to accomplish this mission with no financial investment? Heaven help me...

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