Thursday, May 29, 2008

blog confessionals

What a treat to meet up with fellow design bloggers. As my interest in blogging morphs into an obsession, it's nice to find out that I'm not alone. Last night at Seattle's gorgeous, happy and modern Velocity Art and Design showroom, four design savvy bloggers shared their wisdom. I was as giddy as a school girl, and hung on their every word, and left (at 8pm on the dot to catch the ferry back to Bremerton), wanting to know more! I was such a geek about it, I even dutifully took notes in my Real Simple padfolio.

The top four nuggets of knowledge I took away from last night's talk:
1. Blog everyday. (I promise I will from now on.)
2. Invite your readers and fellow bloggers to become part of your blog. Encourage and engage in constant conversation.
3. Find your blogging voice, develop it and stick to it!
4. Bacon is apparently a hot blogging topic and I should work it into more of my postings to maximize my readership.

All in all the event was incredibly motivating and enlightening. This was the second in a new series of monthly design/creative meet ups started and hosted by Velocity Art and Design. I missed the first one, which featured artist Matte Stephens and his pleasantly retro- modern artwork. I am sorry I was not there, but I have the next two events already in my planner! Thanks so much to John Tusher of Velocity Art and Design for creating these incredible, local opportunities! Hooray, I am hooked.

The four bloggers that indulged us in blogging banter were: Paola of Mirror Mirror, Elaine of Decorno, Mary of Shelterrific, and Megan of not martha.

Please take a few minutes to check out their sites! If you are curious about "The Lab" meet ups and upcoming topics, get more info at Velocity Art and Design.


Kerry said...

The bacon thing made me laugh. I also find I get good responses if I mention bacon in my writing. Works every time. [bacon]

Betsy said...

Bacon is delicious, its no wonder it is such a talked about topic!

Candace said...

Haha! "Bacon" also gets the clicks on MSN Search ... and apparently on design blogs. Love your new logo at the top.