Monday, August 3, 2009

what i found at the b.i. auction

This year's Bainbridge Island Rotary auction (albeit over a month ago), was almost a turn off. I don't think I will ever get there at 8am again. Witnessing the rush to be the first to get the "best" stuff made me a little ill. Greedy, junk obsessed people where swarming the place. I was sort of ashamed to be one of them!

I'm not denying that there aren't enough great finds for everyone, but the mob scene made me rethink every purchase I made while I was there(do I really need this?). And don't let anyone ever tell you that getting there early gets you a better parking spot. I parked a good 1/2mile from the site!

That said, I still walked out of there with some really good stuff for rock bottom prices. Let me share with you what I brought home, and how I fit the items into my decor.

This black and white framed ink drawing of Seattle's Lake Union houseboat community found a place on the wall in the TV room. It was just $7!

I found a pair of Root's dinner pillar candles (.50 cents for both), in the pumpkin color and scent that I so predictably love. The gorgeous table runner featuring Amy butler fabrics that my mom quilted, acts as the perfect color foil.

This little hand-thrown pottery vase looks so at home amongst the other objects already accessorizing my bookcase. Can't beat the $3 price tag.

And... the crowning jewel: the oak drop leaf pedestal table I scored for $20. A piece like this has been on my wish list for a long time. I haven't decided whether or not to paint it or strip it and stain it, or to just leave it as it is. Very pleased with this one, I must admit.

Well, that's it. And I only spent $30.50! Pretty darn amazing. As for the event itself, I have not entirely ruled out attending the sale next year. I'll just plan on lingering over breakfast with my husband, taking my time watering the plants, and then making my way to Bainbridge after 10am, when the really good deals happen, and the grabby hands are too tired to fend me off!