Sunday, June 21, 2009

coziness in june

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This is a living room I have admired for a long time: Barbara Westbrook's design for Traditional Home's Atlanta Showhouse series. I liked it so much, a while back, I created a design board inspired by it for a contest on I did not win. Nonetheless, there were so many elements of that room that I craved in my own home. Let me share how I implemented them in my new living room arrangement.

I loved the combination of looks: casual and sophisticated, natural and structured. I moved my seating area to the center of the room to create a better dynamic for conversation and a vibe of pure coziness. I switched out my modern wool rug for a jute one with loads of natural texture.

The color palette in this area is now a little more subdued and earthy. The symmetry of the furniture's positioning reads as sophisticated.

I brought my bench in from the dining room, grouped it with a rug from the bedroom, and my bookcase to fashion an entry area. The pattern on the rug brings in a geometric element, much like the lines on the coffee table and throw pillows in the inspiration room.

I am really enjoying the feeling of two separate spaces being carved out of this one room, and yet its still inviting.

There are several other things I would love to do if I had the budget, but for now, this is just perfect. Making do with what I already have provides a certain level of satisfaction that seems to whet my appetite for change just enough... until next time!