Monday, June 2, 2008

desire to "modern" up, Ch. 2

Last week, I blogged about the need to add a little modern design in my life. I begged for ideas. Sadly, no one had any suggestions to offer! So, I am going to ask the question in a more pointed way.

Here are a couple of pictures of an end table. I have two of these cute, country-ish pieces. And while really, there is nothing wrong with them, they are clearly not modern or even contemporary. The honey wood tone pretty much blends right in with our hardwood floors. And, I believe this makes them great candidates for a modern makeover.

So, this is my question. What color do I paint them? What drawer pulls do I choose? Currently, the room supports a pale aqua, yummy apricot, chocolate brown and off- white color story. What pray tell can I do to add drama to this sappy, happy saga? A bit of foreshadowing: I have decided I can spend $20 on this little scenario, which is big money compared to my initial "zero dollars" budget from the previous posting on the subject. All of the following color chips were found on

C2's Fetish is a hot, hot pink

Ben Moore's bold but basic,Kelly Green

Killala Green,a snappy statement, also by Benjamin Moore

Deep and mysterious, Malachite from Australian Standards

Nori, a sultry black brown from Martha Stewart's collection for Lowe's.

Classic, but sometimes edgy, Jet Black by Behr

Now, for the drawer pulls. I am thinking the more linear the better. Here are my options:
Anthropologie's bone pull is stylish and eclectic, but pricey at $12 each, which would put me over budget.

The Home Depot's Liberty Hardware line offers this unassuming but modern, nickel pull at $8.49 each.

Also from the Depot, this gold one adds tons of glitz for only $1.79 each.

This chrome and acrylic model from Pulls Direct is close, but not perfect. Anyone know where I can find an acrylic one that is a little cleaner looking?

So, tell me which combo do you think I ought to choose to inject a note of the unexpected and a hint of contemporary style into my living room? Please VOTE using the poll located at the top of the side bar to the right of this posting! You have until June 9th to get your vote in.
I'll let you know what the winning combination is!


Tara said...

Nori and Malachite are top on my list. They are both very strong and bold colors. They make a statement and I think this end table can stand to be called out rather than hidden in the corner.

If you go Malachite I think the bone drawer pull would be very hip and trendy.

If you go Nori I think the bone pull or the nickel pull would be ideal.

You have great taste. I know whatever you do will look modern, chic and trendy.

Betsy said...

thanks for your input tara. i like your combos!

Debra said...

I actually voted for the Killala Green and Nickel thinking that would definately be a contemporary combination and I've been on a green kick for sometime now. I also can see Tara's choices as being good ones as well and perhaps combinations that will not get old. Green could become tiresome and/or go out of style in time whereas your basic blacks and browns will not. Love this idea of getting everyone involved....very fun!

Aimee said...

I totally agree with tara's suggestion of malachite with the bone pulls. So edgy . . .

Chelsea said...

I the malachite and bone pulls!