Tuesday, September 9, 2008

cheap and quick window update

The white plastic blinds in our TV room have always been on my list of things to change. They looked cheap and detracted from the beautiful curtain panels. But the curtains were a source of disdain as well. I wasn't happy with the way the were draping off of the rod. So with under $20 I solved both issues.

I spent $13 on a matchstick style bamboo blind from World Market. The warm brown hue compliments the wall color and the bamboo adds loads of texture.

Although I sacrificed some privacy with the new blind,the curtains now hang from ring clips,($5 at Target), and so allow me to actually close the drapes. They also make the panels drape more gracefully.

The resulting look feels more cozy and layered. The new bamboo blind filters sunlight nicely and makes the entire space glow with warmth.