Saturday, June 6, 2009

the light bulb switches on

Okay, here I am. Ready to get back into this. My new goal: break the 100 postings mark. I am so close, its not even funny. This will be my 98th! I apologize for not having posted in such a long time. Its not for lack of decorating ideas though, seriously. My creative mind never really stops ticking, and most of the time, its actually pretty darn annoying.

The initial problem enters when I look at magazines and other blogs to get inspired, and instead, feel defeated. There is so much already being done out there, and I have been somewhat dormant for a while. Then, in lieu of rising to the occasion and putting my ideas in writing, or working them out in reality at home, I succumb to the notion that I have nothing to add. What's the point, so many other people are doing it and they do it so much better than me...Well, whatever, I am SO over the self pity party. THAT too, has been done before.

I want to start fresh, in a way. I often get frustrated because I just can't afford to complete every project and buy all the items on my wish list. But then: I have to remember: this is a blog ABOUT decorating on a budget. This is a blog about doing what you can with what you have, being inventive, and decorating with a LITTLE, rather than ALOT. I don't want to encourage you to just go out and buy what's trendy. No, no my friends, that would be way too easy. Besides, where is the creative expression in that? Nope, its not about making your home look exactly like a page in a design magazine, but a reflection of your personality and a shelter for your creature comforts, all the while communicating good design.

So, I am back with refocused energy. How can we ultimately create spaces that make us feel alive or relaxed or cozy or content, without spending big bucks? With a little vision and a random dose of bargain hunting karma, it can happen.

My challenge for you this week is this:
Find a picture in a magazine of a room you LOVE. Pinpoint the elements of this space that you admire. For example: light and airy, a good furniture arrangement,a unique color combination, interesting uses of texture and fabrics, a nice balance of modern and traditional, etc. Then look at your space with fresh eyes and get creative. What can you do to achieve these elements with what you already own, or by adding some inexpensive decorating finds?

I will do the same, and show you what I can come up with next week. This could be really fun assignment! Feel free to email me your ideas and I will be happy to provide input. Good luck!