Sunday, March 30, 2008

quick change

Last week, I helped my mother-in-law freshen and update her guest bedroom for her mother's upcoming visit. The room needed some love and a little color to liven it up. So I chose a paint color for two accent walls, some new bedding, added curtains, simplified and rearranged the artwork, and cleared out some of the clutter that had been slowly collecting.Laura wanted to room to feel restful and the bedding to be simple. The paint color I chose is the most gorgeous shade of soft sage-yellow-green imaginable. It is called New Leaf from C2's collection of colors, but we mixed it as a Benjamin Moore paint. I only painted two walls to save time, and my back since I was doing this on my own and could not move some of the heavy pieces of furniture. The result is just grand. The room now calls you to sit in the arm chair, linger in bed a few more minutes, and looks cozy but fresh whether it is night or day. These changes cost about $300, and took me about 12 hours to complete on my own, including time spent researching the right look. Not bad for such a dramatic improvement in look and feel!