Thursday, April 17, 2008

rotary garage sale

It's time! Garage sale season is on the horizon people, and a great way to kick it off is by attending Kitsap Rotary's Annual Garage Sale (RAGS)this Saturday, April 19. From 8am-2:30pm at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds, join me and the hordes of others scouting for good deals. Personally, I have never attended it, but I have been to the Bainbridge Rotary Auction, and had considerable luck. Check out for more information regarding Saturday's sale.

Garage sales and flea markets are a fantastic way to find one-of-a-kind treasures to add personality to your space. Look for pieces that have simple lines, are in sturdy condition, and have a classic style. You can always sand furniture down and paint it or stain it when you get it home. I did this with a $5 dresser that I snatched up at the BI rotary sale. What once was a sad looking dirty yellow dresser is now the epitome of cottage chic in gleaming ivory next to my bed. This year I'll be looking for a round side table for the living room and bookshelves. See you there!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

weekend redo

Well, this was such a fun project. Candace is my friend that I blogged about with the dilemma of mixing existing, lighter wood furniture pieces with new, darker furniture. She liked some of my ideas on pulling it all together, and we embarked on a weekend decorating adventure to put them into action. First we sized up the space, came up with a new floor plan, made a list of what was needed, and discussed future items to look for while shopping. Within several hours and the boundaries of the $500budget we found: 2 rugs, 2 ladder bookshelves, a gorgeous wall mirror,several accessories,and fabric to recover the dining chairs.

Back at home, we moved the sofa to its new spot, laid the chocolate brown jute rug under the dining table, and began assembling the book shelves. By early evening we had the space arranged how we wanted it, and called it a day. On Sunday, we spent a mere 2 hours recovering the dining chairs. This is where we got biggest bang for the buck: $20 of fabric that covered the dining chairs and two pillows, adding some much needed color and pattern.

Before, the living room lacked a focal point, small insufficient storage pieces cluttered the space, and the only resident enjoying the view of the water was Munky the cat. By purchasing larger shelves,flanking the TV with them, and floating the sofa between the dining and living areas, we solved these issues. In its new position, the sofa works to cozy up the TV viewing situation and acts as a partition, creating a more intimate dining nook. The rug in the dining room defines the space and adds texture and contrast. Centering the wine cabinet on the wall in the dining room, hanging a large mirror above it, and topping it with a color coordinated vase and photograph gives that beautiful piece the presence it deserves. We tied the two spaces together by seeking out green toned baskets, vases and fabric. A small round natural woven run in green and straw kicks off the color scheme in the entry.

Throughout the weekend, we talked about the elements of interior design: color schemes, focal points, layering with texture and pattern, the form and function of furniture, and adding personality with art, fabric and accessories. Admittedly, Candace caught the decorating bug. She later purchased a fantastic green all- weather wicker chair and an orange and green accent pillow for a corner of the dining room. She can pull it up to the table for dinner parties,out on the deck to watch the sunrise over the water, and into the living room for additional seating. Better yet, she was surprised that she actually liked sitting in that corner- she realized it was a great spot to take in the view! She might even get a second one for Derek. Way to decorate, Candace!