Friday, June 6, 2008

slipcover style

Of course, Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic comes to mind when the word slipcover pops up. If you can't spend a few thousand dollars on one of her beautiful pieces, but want the tailored, slipcovered look, Susan Burns can help. Susan makes slipcovers to order at her home-based workshop Custom Cottage Slipcovers in Poulsbo, WA. She can quickly turn a faded, jaded piece of upholsterty into something totally new.

Susan Burns' handiwork:

Susan can also coordinate your new slipcover with hand-made custom draperies, roman shades, throw pillows, or even a duvet cover. She has been sewing since she was a young girl, but also has formal training and certification in upholstery and window coverings. Her pricing is very reasonable for such wonderful quality. She does not supply fabric however, so be prepared to get it on your own. There are some great resources online, and of course JoAnn's is convenient or you can special order through an interior design store or specialty fabric house. Also, Susan turns around orders really quickly, so you won't have to sit on the floor to watch TV for more than a week!

Susan's superb attention to detail:

Of course, ever the budget decorator that I am, I wanted to scout out a possible scenario for slipcovering. I already have a wing chair (which would take about 6 yards of a patterned fabric) that needs a new slipcover, thanks to my kitties. For you though, I wanted to do some detective work, starting from scratch. Here is what I came up with, including pricing for Susan's work. Read further and you'll discover a little price comparison.

This chair and ottoman, found on Craig's List, is only $50 for the set. Although faded, the pieces appear to be in very solid condtion. If you can pick it up in Bremerton, it can be yours.

A great site for discounted fabrics is This one is a classic 100% cotton duck fabric (which Susan highly recommends for its durable and washable nature), at only $6.95 per yard. To cover both pieces, you'll need about 8 yards. Total including shipping: $65.60.

For Susan's hard work, for both pieces, you will pay about $325. The slipcovers, as they are cotton, will be washable, contain zippers for a snug fit and easy removal, and are sewn together on industrial machines, using monofilament to strengthen the seams.

Chair and Ottoman: $50.00
Fabric: $65.60
Two Custom Slipcovers: $325
Grand total: $430.60

Here is a comparable chair and ottoman, from renowned furniture maker Maine Cottage:
The Monty Chair available slipcovered for $1550.00 before shippping.

The Monty Ottoman available slipcovered for $690.00 before shipping.

Another, similar duo from Pottery Barn:
The Griffin Chair and Ottoman from $1229 and $529 respectively before shipping.

Even IKEA can't quite beat Susan's pricing:
Ektorp Chair, slipcovered: $349

Ektorp Ottoman, slipcovered: $99

Going the custom slipcover route has four major advantages:
1. Price. (Especially if you already own the furniture piece.)
2. Endless choices to truly customize with fabric and trim to suit your taste.
3. You are supporting a small local business!
4. You are saving your existing piece from the dumpster or rescuing another from a second-hand store.

If you've got a piece of furniture that needs a fresh outfit, contact Susan Burns, at Custom Cottage Slipcovers, she'll even give you a free consultation!


Aimee said...

I wish that there was a Custom Cottage Slipcovers in Chicago! So cute! Wah!

Betsy said...

Aimee, you should check with a local furniture store or designer to see if they have any recommendations for a slipcover lady in your area!