Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the dresser update

It seems I can not escape painting...ever. As I sit here, I am hatching plans to paint three pieces of bedroom furniture. I am telling you guys, I just can not help myself.
Okay, so while you all are helping me decide what color to paint the end tables in the living room this week (please, please vote in the poll to the right of this posting), I'll show you the result of painting my dresser in the dining room a couple of weeks ago.

It was not aging gracefully, and with its chipping veneer and oak-ey Victorian charm, it looked less than fashionable against my apricot dining room walls. So, over Memorial Day weekend, Candace and I covered it in warm white paint.(We also dipped Candace's dresser-turned TV stand, in a chocolaty brown candy coating. I'll show you those pics another time.)

Now the dresser, which functions as my buffet, looks fresher, and makes the whole room feel a little crisper. In an attempt to modernize, I changed out the accessories on top to up the contrast factor. The new black and white elements are echoed elsewhere in the room and house. All in all, I am pleased with the transformation.

I also took this as an opportunity to reorganize the contents in a more functional manner. I removed serving pieces that I rarely use, moved my china and Christmas dishes to the bottom drawer, and filled the top two drawers with place mats and tablecloths that were previously crowding the limited storage in the kitchen. Do you want to peek inside?


Aimee said...

Way to go for being brave and not holding back on painting your buffet dresser! I know so many people who could never even consider PAINTING a wooden item. But, I think that their is a time and place for the beauty of wood - and your buffet dresser was not the place! It looks amazing in warm white, I wonder what some black glass pulls or maybe black branch pulls would look like on it - it might just pump it up to the next level with the turn of a screw!

Betsy said...

Good thought about the knobs! I will keep my eyes peeled for something to contrast with the white and add a new element.

Candace said...

That turned out fantastic! I love the way you changed the accessories. Looks like a new piece.

EdgyK said...

I love it!