Friday, June 20, 2008

headboard redesign

I have yet to finish decorating my bedroom. Well, honestly, I never be "finished" decorating any room in my home, but comparatively, the bedroom needs a few fine details. No rug, no headboard, very little storage space.

It is a small space, just about 8'8" x 11'10", so there are not a lot of configuration options. The "master" closet is a pathetic 57" X 32". We have two small, but tallish dressers and a nightstand. I made curtains and put up bamboo blinds a few months ago, which really helped to warm it up. I recently acquired a headboard that needs recovering at a rummage sale for $5.

I was inspired by Domino's feature on twin headboards this month. One of the rooms they designed has just the color palette I have in mind. I've already got the red in the curtains and some black and white elements, I just need to add the light turquoise blue, gilded gold and a dramatic element (like the striped rug).

Ballard Designs makes a headboard almost identical to the one I scored. Since I know I have to remove the existing fabric and foam when I reupholster it, I figured I would add nail heads at that time.

Now, here is the question, what fabric should I use to recover the headboard?

The red and ivory damask print like on the curtains in the room.

Should I use a white waffle weave shower curtain that I have from Target?

A dramatic solid red, like this from Target?

Is this where I should add the black and white stripe? (image from Ballard Designs)

Can you guys help me choose? I need your votes! The last poll was so much fun, and I am working on getting those tables done. By the time I finished with them, I will be ready to start the headboard project, so I want your input on what you think I should do. Vote asap!


Jeri Coleman said...

I voted for the red Betsy. Super project.
I made a similar head board for our King size bed a couple years ago and it still looks good today. I used chocolate ultra suede and tufted the fabric with cloth covered buttons. I attached it directly to the wall using french cleats. How will you attach yours?
You are so clever. Keep it up! Jeri

Aimee said...

Can't wait to see the results! I will vote for the black and white stripe. I think that the waffle isn't quite right for the reason that it is white and the background of your curtain fabric is a creamy color. The matchy matchy side of me can't vote for red unless it is the exact red your have in your curtains.So I vote for the black and white stripe or maybe you could do the light turquoise color of the walls in the Domino room . . . another choice for the poll perhaps?

Betsy said...

Light turqoise is a great idea Aimee... I will have to think about that!