Monday, June 23, 2008

decorating in small doses

Interiors by Leslie Klotz. Photo by Laura Resen.

If you have a chance, you NEED to get yourself a copy of July's House Beautiful. Several very gorgeous, but small homes are featured, some great treasures are highlighted, and you'll find tons of fantastic advice on decorating small living spaces. Here are some of the highlights, from fabulous designers:

"People think that they need to use small furniture and light colors to make a small room look big, but that's not at all the case. Dark colors and just a few pieces of large-scale furniture, with the appropriate lighting and accessories, can give a room a larger, more luxurious feel." Mona Hajj.

"Gather a fabulous, motley collection of mirrors- antique, new, vintage, French, Italian. Starting with one large mirror in the center, arrange a grouping on one wall. It's the one instance where more is more." Stephen Shubel.

"Go ahead, use a massive four-poster bed in a tiny bedroom. As long as there's room for an end table, it actually makes the room look bigger." Marshall Watson.

Get more small space decorating ideas by clicking here.

Some of the featured accessories I loved:

These indigo dyed pillows by John Robshaw.

CB2's handy and modern Formosa tray table.

There is so much more, you should just go out and get the issue. This is the type of issue, with so much wonderful content, I have to save it in its entirety.

Living room design by Ken Fulk. Photo by Victoria Pearson.

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