Monday, June 16, 2008

share your organizing ideas

This is a call for your BEST organizing ideas... Anyone have anything to share?

Aimee in Chicago sparked the idea to ask for your input. She sent me this image of her "necklace organizer" which is actually a men's tie rack. She hung this on the inside of her closet door to keep all of her beautiful necklaces (some of which she so cleverly made by hand) in line.

I found a similar wall mounted rack, as well as some alternative jewelry storage ideas at The Container Store.

This handsome tie rack would serve the same purpose.

Don't want to make holes in your closet wall or door? Try this hanging organizer instead.

If you have a small drawer in your nightstand or bathroom to dedicate to jewelery storage, these green EVA modular trays look great and keep tiny items contained.

How do you keep your spices organized? Have a great way to keep track of your crafting supplies? Or, do you actually need some help to get all the little things in your life under control? Either way, if you have questions,images or suggestions to share, email them to me at!

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