Friday, June 27, 2008

watson kennedy

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I had some time to kill in Seattle yesterday, and so went to my favorite store in the city: Watson Kennedy Fine Living on First Ave. It is nothing short of beautiful, tangible, and inspiring. So many wonderful delights for the eyes and senses, that I almost get overwhelmed. French candles and lotions, rustic antiques and flashcards, elegant apothecary jars and pretty colored glassware.

The owner, Ted Kennedy Watson's, flair for display is enviable, and encourages the impulse to purchase the entire contents of a vignette, so you can recreate it on your entry table at home. Each time I am in this store, I am transfixed by the French music and study each display of fine goods from top to bottom, mesmerized by the creative and layered simplicity.

Coincidentally, while on vacation in Door County, WI last week, I picked up a tattered copy of Country Living's September 2007 issue from the communal magazine stack at the laundry mat. There he was, Ted Kennedy Watson, and a feature on his home in Seattle. I had forgotten about this profile, and I devoured the article. I had to curtail my instinct to snatch the issue and stash it in my neatly folded pile of clean clothes. Plus, I thought that maybe I had saved the issue, since I subscribe to the magazine. Back at home, no such luck. How could I have discarded such a valuable and delicious nugget of design inspiration? I was most likely in a "binge cleaning" mode, and threw it in the recycling pile without even glancing inside. Good thing I can order the back issue on Country Living's website.

I was able to briefly relive the article on, while awaiting the arrival of my own copy. Here are some images (photos by John Granen) from the Country Living, September 2007 profile:

Watson Kennedy actually has three locations: one near Pike Place Market, a second on First Avenue, and a third in Bellevue. Visit their site for further info on each store. Take the time to pop in someday. You will leave with a sense of renewed creativity to apply in some small, but meaningful way at home.

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