Saturday, August 16, 2008

adventures in wallpaper

I have been leery about the resurgence of wallpaper as a design trend, I have to admit. Memories of my girlhood bedroom walls come racing back to me, in a sort of dreamlike haze: the pastel peach, kitten/floral theme envelops me. I thought it looked good then. In fact, it may have been the start of me as a decorator. I picked a peach and grey comforter and pillow cases to complement the pattern. I sponge painted a white bookshelf with peach and sea foam green to add an accent color. I had kitten figurines everywhere. To me it was beautiful- for about a year. I quickly matured out of the cutesy kitten phase. Then I had to scrape all that glorious wallpaper right off the walls and start over.

This is what keeps me from actually hopping on the wallpaper trend bandwagon: the eventual, inevitable removal of it. I always change my decor. Committing to wallpaper seems too permanent. With paint, I just roll right on over the suddenly "out" color with a fresh new shade.

I suppose the best way to enjoy any design trend is in moderation. So maybe a textural neutral would be the way to go. A grass cloth or linen look pattern in the office would be simple and sophisticated, and easy to work with for future design changes I might want to implement. But those walls are so uneven and bumpy, hanging it would be nightmarish.

For now, I will just enjoy the magazine features and online photos of other people embracing wallpaper in their homes. For example, my sister told me about Tori Spelling's reality series on the Oxygen network. She seems to be a real fan of the drama and movement that wallpapering a room creates. Here are a few stills from the TV series "Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood" that showcase her preference.

An art deco peacock feather pattern in the dining room.

Tori's son's room is playful with octopuses climbing the walls.

Could her baby's girl's room be any sweeter?

The powder room is the perfect place for a large scale pattern in small doses.

Does anyone watch this show? Who is her decorator? Fun, frilly, adventurous and contemporary. I like her style. How do you feel about wallpaper?


Kimberly said...

If I could be assured I could hang it well, I would do it. If I had a professional hanger...I would give it a whirl. Only in small spurts, though. Not sure if I could bring myself to do it in a whole room. I think it would be great for an accent wall or for a bathroom, though.

Kerry said...

I have watched that show once and I kind of love it. She's funny and annoying, in a completely charming and annoying way. Her husband hates that powder room with the gingantic roses. But the octopus wallpaper is awesome. Her best friend on the show is also her designer.

So embarrassing that I know so much about the Tori Spelling show.

No.35style said...

I think if you had lots of money/time to redo wallpaper often, then it would be great. I think I would get tired of it too quickly. I do like her dining room and her son's room.

Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with the wallpaper in her son's room...does anyone know who makes the octopus paper? I have literally been searching for something fabulous for three years...HELP!!!!!!!