Friday, July 18, 2008

my rotary sale finds

This is the hefty bamboo mirror that I snagged for $17 at Bainbridge Island's Rotary sale, a few weeks ago. I am guessing it hadn't been the focal point of any room since sometime in the mid-eighties. Unfortunately, I do not have eighties themed decor in my home. So, this gold metallic and brown sponge-painted bad boy, got several coats of paint, in a color I created myself which I like to call Black Coffee.

It now has a new home on top of my white buffet in the dining room. I like the striking contrast between the two pieces. The brownish black color of the mirror brings in a softer element, as compared to other, more dramatic jet black accents in the room.

I also picked up this pretty, but very solid end table for just $5. The fiendish painter in me envisioned it in bright persimmon. Once I got it in the house however, I decided it was just fine as is (for now anyways).

And, although I hate to repeat pictures, here is a photo of the light blue runner that created a cool foil to my bedroom's earthy red and butter yellow color story, for only $5.

All great additions to my home, and for under $30 total. Honestly, make sure you plan on attending the BI rotary rummage sale next summer. There is always something for someone!


Aimee Floto said...

Wish I could go shopping with you! You find such amazing treasures!

Sadie said...

Looks great!! Love your home accents, they are simple & elegant.

No.35style said...

That mirror is fabulous, great find!

Revival Home and Garden said...

What a find in that mirror! I have thrifting envy. Well done.