Thursday, July 17, 2008

fall already?

Yep. The season of early fall decor has started sprouting up everywhere: magazines, catalogs, online. Good thing that fall is my favorite season, otherwise I might be a little miffed. After all, isn't summer still in full swing? Of course it is. In my mind, however, its never too early to start contemplating those small changes or projects that you'll want to do to make your home more cozy for fall. To get inspired, but not overwhelmed, here are some highlights that I found noteworthy.

Ikea's new lamp Jusas Ysby.

Pottery Barn has a fabulous new offering of fall fabrics for furniture and pillows alike.

World Market's Karbala ottoman adds instant pattern and warmth.

No need to make cookies, just light one of Pier One's Freshly Baked pillars.

West Elm's new color block dhurrie rugs have a cozy modern feel.

An upside to the introduction of the new fall designs, is the price slashing and liquidation of summer themed items. Almost every home decor store is in this mode right now, so catch those great last-of-summer deals while they can be had!

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