Thursday, July 10, 2008

a flea market wish list

There is so much about the flea market and antique store cruising experience that is serendipitous. Treasures are found that you never imagined would make their way home with you. Vignettes and displays inspire you to recreate and redesign the things you already own. Impulse buys prevail. However, it never hurts to have a list of things on your mind when you are out hunting. That is why I have created my "Antique Store Wish List", and have written it in a tiny notebook that I keep in my purse.

Want to know what is on it? I knew you did. Here goes:
~ A globe with a grand patina
~ An old grade school-esque map of someplace else (Ex: the Caribbean, Italy, Greece)
~ A pair of plug-in wall sconces (period/style not important, just not Victorian)
~ An eye catching vintage tablecloth to turn into a slip cover for my ottoman
~ Old, weathered chalkboard
~ Classic looking alcohol decanters
~ Circa 1920's oil-rubbed bronze door knobs, like 4 or 5 of them
~ A door knocker with lots of character and preferably very old looking
~ 4 matching claw feet for a cast iron tub that sits covered in brambles at my husband's grandpa's pasture
~ A wicker armchair

That is about it. It always seems to be growing though. That little notebook, which I call my "design journal", also contains lots of other decorating details from my house.

I have written measurements for different things, like windows, pieces of furniture, wall spaces that could use artwork. I also jot down design ideas in it, or specifics on a piece I find while out shopping (this is why I keep a small tape measure with me at all times).

I taped-in paint chips for each room in my house.

I have also included some fabric swatches for several of the rooms.

I even taped one of my business cards inside the front cover in case I lose it!

This little book has been a really valuable tool for me in my decorating adventures. It is very easy to create, and I highly recommend that you do it. Just find a small notebook that fits in your purse, and get started!

This design journal may come in handy this Saturday, as I head to downtown Bremerton for the second round of Simply Renewed's 4th Street Market. Starts at 9am, goes till 4pm. I was out of town last month, so I am excited to see what's featured. Hope to see you there!


EdgyK said...

That's a good idea I think I will start doing that for my home and for my clothes shopping.

Carrie said...

Betsy this is a great idea- I definitely need to make a book like this whenever I have a home (or apt.- possibly) which allows me the freedom to decorate as I chose. I've already been in the situation where I've needed to know the dimensions of something and had to run back home- or trying to remember the exact color of my couch- or whatever. Thanks for the tip!