Wednesday, July 9, 2008

bedroom: almost done!

Pictures of the bedroom before its micro-makeover.

As I stated yesterday, reorganizing the closet spurred me to kick the rest of the bedroom into gear. It hasn't felt quite "done" to me since we moved in. Here's what I addressed in redesigning it:

1. Moving my dresser to the closet not only freed up floor space for a pretty, round bedside table, but eliminated the morning ritual of bonking my head on a sharp corner while attempting to turn off the alarm clock.

2. I painted the lower half of the wall (used to be a greenish-beige) the same creamy butter color as the top half to unify the small space. Also moved the alarm clock to Chris's side! Hee hee.

3. I switched out the two dramatic, (but too-dark) black lamps for a happy, small brass lamp with a sultry red shade and the translucent yellow lamp that has now made the rounds in almost every room of the house.

4. Found a great way to bring in some texture, pattern and light blue with the geometric wool runner I scored at the BI Rotary sale for $5.

5. Simplified the bed by eliminating the four dark red pillows and bringing in just two lighter colored pillows. Decluttered the top of the dresser and only brought back in a mirror, a candle and two framed photos.

6. I finally hung the dressing mirror that has been leaning against the wall in that very spot for two years!

So there you have it. The room really feels much more put together and calming now. The last thing to do is the headboard project. The clear winner of the poll was the black and white stripe fabric, but I am starting to think I should just go neutral. Lucky for me, I don't have to decide right now, since its not in the current budget! For now, I am so pleased with the room, I want to go and take a cat nap in it!


Candace said...

Looks fabulous! You have to ask Derek about his new camera lens. When he showed it to me, I said, "Betsy needs one!" He can explain it better, so I won't try.

Aimee said...

Looks great! I love the buttery yellow color all over the room - it looks so cozy and welcoming!