Friday, May 16, 2008

"x" sort of marks the spot

Finding the perfect balance of artwork to form my salon-style wall in the office was a bit more of a challenge than I was anticipating. I wanted to mix color landscapes, black and white content, and both original artwork and reproductions. I was very deliberate in choosing what types of images and colors I wanted to use. During this process I kept the room's light blue, pale golden yellow and khaki color scheme in mind. Once I had picked the images, I had to find an appropriate frame for each one. To cut costs, I relied on my private stash of unused frames, which was actually sort of limiting. Then I needed to cut each piece to size and clean the glass on all of the frames. It came together, but it took a while.

To get them into a nice configuration on the wall, without spending too much more time, I followed these steps, inspired by Cottage Living's September 2006 issue.

First I traced the artwork onto paper. For this I used drawing newsprint and computer paper. Remember to mark an "x" on the paper where the hanging hardware is located on the piece. I also labeled each one with a sharpie, so I could visualize the compositions relating to one another.

Next I cut out the shapes, and started taping them to the wall in different arrangements. Then all I had to do was hammer nails right through my little "x" marks for the appropriate hanging spot. (While this idea works in theory, I still found myself adjusting several nail holes once the pieces were all hung.)

The final result is an eclectic mix of art work whose colors and subject matter complement one another. Nothing fights for attention. Using images from art books as well as some original artwork, and placing the pieces in unmatched frames gives the wall the texture and interest it needed. Plus my cat Basie finds it soothing.


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