Monday, April 21, 2008

bulletin board cluster

Got a messy bulletin board? Here is an idea: try using more than one. How about one for each family member? Or one for each type of item to be kept at the ready: invitations, bus schedules, take out menus, and snapshots.
I decided that my little one wasn't cutting it on his own. So, I covered three painter's canvases with fabric swatches, hung them in a nice little cluster on the wall, and I was organized. One for appointments/save-the-date type items, one for memorabilia, and one for the ferry and bus schedules that we refer to on a daily basis. Plus they make more of an impact when hung tight together, especially if you use really cute fabrics to coordinate them.
To keep the boards from getting cluttered, remove dated items as soon as the event has passed, and rotate old photos out instead of adding new ones on top of them. You can find the pre-stretched canvas in many sizes at art and craft supply stores, and often fabric stores will have fabric remnants at extremely reduced prices. Sometimes just a scrap is enough to do something creative with!


Candace said...

I like the idea of covering them with cute fabric. I have two plain boards. Some fun fabric would bring some ... well, fun to my office. Great idea!

EdgyK said...

great idea!

Betsy said...

Thanks for the encouragment! These would be fun to hang in the kitchen or in a child's to display their art work!