Thursday, February 14, 2008

tiny little trick

I have the tiniest bathroom. If my reach was just a few inches longer, I would be able to wash my hands while sitting on the toilet. Okay, maybe that was too much information. Sorry. But it is true. The useable floor space in our one and only bathroom (if you don't count the tub)is about 59" x 69". Add to that the fact that it is of the "jack and jill" variety with two doors swinging into it, there is just a wee amount of space for the sink and toilet. When Chris and I moved in, we had grand plans for this small space. A claw foot tub, new tile, a pedestal sink and a new window were all part of the scheme. After our massive paint/repaint cycle, we were burnt out. As a result, not a thing has been done, except to paint it. Now, I knew that all the upgrades in the world would not add square feet to this bathroom, but I did have one little trick up my sleeve. To seemingly heighten the ceiling, I painted it the same color as the walls. This fools the eye into thinking that the ceiling height is infinite, because visually, there is no seperation between the walls and the sky. Doing it all in a beautiful light, watery blue made it feel almost like I was walking on clouds, (that is, until I bumped into the closed door after one step with my eyes closed). Anyhow, this is a good way to add the illusion of more space if you have small rooms with relatively low ceilings in your home. This weekend, I am going to do it to my kitchen!


Jeri said...

I love the watery blue you used in your tiny bathroom. I can also indentify with your personal style definition. My home is what I would label as NW coastal cottage.
I notice in most cottage style homes the flooring is usually a hard surface such as hard or soft wood, or bamboo. My floors are uneven and absolutely have to be carpeted. We went with a golden sage frise' carpet throughout. Can I still make it cottage style?
Can you pleae recommend some of your favorite interior paint colors as well?
Thanks, Jeri

Anonymous said...

Bets I love your page and especially love seeing the pictures of your beautiful home! Thanks for sharing your style tips- I'm reading through them like wildfire to try and acquire some of your mojo. :) Love you lots! Carrie B.