Sunday, February 17, 2008

painting again

So this weekend, Chris and I tackled painting the living room trim. It has been over two and half years since we moved in, and have put it off until now, because we both HATE painting trim. It is tedious and time consuming. The project was long overdue, and we finally had to face it. I thought we might also muster the energy to do the kitchen, and paint the ceiling in there too. This morning, however, we were so drained after putting the blinds and curtains back up and rearranging the furniture, we had nothing left to give any other room in the house.

Now, the living room looks more polished and a little happier. The change we made that has the most visual impact, was painting the inside of the front door white. It used to be just a really dingy and outdated wood finish. The white really cleans it up and brightens that corner of the room quite a bit.

I also decided to make a couple of new pillow covers today, using two small pillows I had on the bed. I wanted to move them into the living room, and put to use some fabric swatches I had brought home from work. Even though the pillows are little, their pretty fabrics pack a lot of design punch. This is a great way to utilize fabric odds and ends and freshen the look of your rooms.


Aimee Floto said...

Congratulations on finally getting the trim painted! It looks great! I love the throw pillows too - the help freshen up a room without much expense. Great tip!

Anonymous said...

Hey BetsAnn. We bought a bungalow in January and are still working on picking out wall colors. Our upstairs bedrooms look really small because of the deep slant of the ceilings. How can we use paint to make it feel like the ceiling isn't coming down on you? We were thinking of a shade of yellow. Any ideas.
Jessica Grutzmacher

Betsy said...

Jess, Hooray for you and your house! To keep that ceiling from feeling too cave like, paint it the same color as your walls, and keep it light. If you have yellow in mind, stick to the creamiest, least vibrant shades available. The closer to white it is, the more light will bounce around in the room. Good ones to try might be Ben Moore's Cameo White (915) or Powell Bluff (HC-35). Have fun and send me pictures!