Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the crib

Due to the fact that we will be sharing our bedroom with baby, we have opted for a "mini crib". Its just a little bit more apartment sized, but should comfortably sleep our child until he is about 24 months. Since we are going with the philosophy of staying put for now, the mini crib is really our only option. A conventional crib would have been too big. The difference between the two types is anywhere from 15-13 inches in length. Which in a small apartment, is quite substantial.

The layout of the bedroom will look a lot like the plan above. The bed will stay in the center. We will lose one of the two taller dressers we currently have, in favor of a longer, lower piece that will also function as a changing surface. The crib will be ever-so-conveniently placed next to my side of the bed. I will actually be able to stay in bed, and stick my fingers through the slats of the crib to give baby a reassuring pat on the head, or tickle of the toes! How is that for no-fuss parenting. No worries about having to sleepwalk my klutzy self down a long hall to the nursery!

This is the crib we will be purchasing within the next month from Target online. The Riley Mini Crib in white by Delta. Its nice and simple, but still allows for a crib skirt, which most of the other mini cribs did not. That being said, finding linens for mini cribs is quite the challenge. Target and Babies r Us had barely anything! I finally found some more options on Diapers.com, which will be a great source for sheets, but will be attempting to make my own bumper and skirt. I'll be using some of those cute Michael Miller fabrics I showed you in my previous post.

We can't wait to get the crib and get it set up, but first things first... finding an affordable storage unit for the things we will have to part with in order to fit it in!


adnguyen1986 said...

Your taste and practical sense for furniture will do wonders for your family. Your first born will be raised well by the two of you I am sure!

Nicole said...

You may want to check the particular crib you are looking for, but all the mini cribs I looked at (I have the same problem as you where we are raising two kids in a small apartment) were only recommended for babies up to six months old as a safety feature.

We ended up putting our newborn in his own nursery and moving our three year old into our room because her toddler bed is smaller than a crib.