Saturday, July 3, 2010

cleaning out the cobwebs

Okay. I admit it. Ever since we moved into our city dwelling, I have felt creatively stifled. The lack of freedom to paint, the absence of remodeling dreams, and the tightening of space almost choked out my desire to decorate. How sad is that? I thought I would become enlightened and inspired in this new place, when in fact, the exact opposite happened. I became blocked. Then, I became pregnant!

Honest to goodness, the first three months completely zapped my energy for anything but getting up and getting to work. Then, the weird, "this IS really happening" stage set in. And finally, now six months into it, I am experiencing a sort of personal awakening and renewal. Where this will lead, there is no telling, as I am about to encounter many, many unforeseen challenges.

With this new addition to the family, comes all sorts of new questions. Will we stay here in this apartment? Will we stay here in Seattle? Should we move back to our house in Bremerton? And my overwhelming urge to nest seriously conflicts with the reality that we have no nursery! How can a planner like me get prepared for my little baby boy with these questions unanswered?

Despite these major issues, I can still envision a nurturing, organized and cozy home for our baby to start his life in. Always, and forever, keeping in mind the important pieces: he will have all the love he needs, a place to sleep, and food to eat!

I'll try my best to track these changes and keep you posted on my design ideas and furniture finds as I make every effort to get ready for the challenges and good times ahead.

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Kimberly said...

Looking forward to seeing how this exciting transition in your life inspires creativity and influences your perspective on design and home-making! Keep us in the loop! :)