Thursday, January 21, 2010

hunting for a bookcase

I am on the prowl for the perfect bookcase. One with character, the right proportions and of good quality. It seems that this must be a lot to ask for, maybe even too much, especially when working within a budget. At this point, I have searched tirelessly online through craigslist and big box retailers, as well as hit up local consignment and antique shops. While I have found tons and tons of what I don't want, I have also found several pieces that might do the job, but aren't exactly what I want.

The Verona bookcase from World Market. I actually like a lot of things about this bookshelf. It is sophisticated, a little on the rustic side, at 15 inches deep, would provide a few extra precious inches than others of its kind. I like the warm medium wood tone, and I think that a pair of them would flank the buffet very beautifully. My only concern is with the quality. I have put together furniture from World Market before, and had great difficulty. At $199 each, I could afford two, and really make the most of that long wall in the dining room.

Ikea's Markor series comes in at an even better price for $169 each. I like its simple lines, and the dark wood finish would provide a nice foil for the white buffet, and honey toned dining furniture. Its dimensions are a little less deep than what I want, but I think I could still make them work. My hang up with this one: its IKEA and everybody buys Ikea. However, I could make it my own, by covering the back panels with a fun wallpaper or fabric, an idea I credit to my sister. This would also add a splash of color and pattern.

And this beast, is one that we found at Greenwood's Cobblestone Used Furniture. It's solid oak, except for a few of the shelves, which are plywood. It's also enormous. At 65 inches wide, it would just fit in the dining room. The issue with this piece is the lack of versatility. The shelves are a fixed width, very similar to the one bookcase we already have, and although we would be able to get it up the wide stairway in this apartment, who knows if it would fit in a different space. Our lease here only lasts nine more months, and I don't want to spend $400 on a piece that we can't take with us when we go.

As I have talked to friends about locating the perfect bookcase, I have learned that this is not an uncommon dilemma. It's just that I am probably taking it too seriously. I do feel though, that I am at a point where I don't just want to buy for looks, I want to buy for keeps. So I guess its good to be choosy. I will keep looking and keep you posted.

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adnguyen1986 said...

It is so funny that we were talking about your blog earlier because I have been looking at getting a bigger bookcase to replace the "POS" that is sitting in my bedroom right now! I kind of laughed to myself when you brought up the Ikea furniture because I had considered that exact model but I think you sold me on trying Cobblestone. Good stuff!