Friday, September 11, 2009

the lamp shade

It turned out looking great. Just one little problem: can't seem to find the proper cord situation to use it as a pendant over the dining room table. I went to four places looking for what I needed. The closest I got was a pendant kit that I would have to wire a new socket into. Sorry, a little more advanced than I was imagining. The cord kit from IKEA that I had in mind wasn't quite right.

So, I will hunt for the right solution, but until then, here are some shots of the project. As of this moment, I have the shade on a floor lamp base

This is how the shade started out. It is really nice, just not the right colors for my house.

First I chose the pictures I wanted and started placing them. I tried using decoupage, but it would not stick to the fabric lining the inside of the shade. I ended up using masking tape, so its pretty unsophisticated, but you can't tell.

When I was done covering as much surface as I could, I was left with sort of jagged borders on the top and bottom.

I glued black grosgrain ribbon to conceal the fabric that was showing through and to make the shade look more polished.

Its sort of hard to get a photo of what the whole thing looks like finished, but trust me, it turned out pretty darn good.

And here, it casts a cozy glow on the wing chair that Basie loves to sleep in.

As further redemption that I did the right thing, look at what I found TODAY in the new issue of House Beautiful that arrived, TODAY! This is a pendant shade by Andrea Clare through The Future Perfect.

Not even joking. I saw this after I had already done it!

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Aimee said...

your style is ALWAYS so "of the moment"! It looks wonderful!