Wednesday, January 28, 2009

goodbye domino

I am so upset. Domino magazine is folding, in a week! It was just reported today, and I have to admit, its a little hard to digest. Having already lost my favorite magazine, Cottage Living, earlier this year, domino had taken its place at the top of the list. And now, it too, is suffering at the hands of a depressed economy.

What really gets me feeling defeated, is the fact that there is no talk of continuing their website. Why not? The costs to run a site are much less than that of producing a magazine. All I have to say is fooey... and, I am really disappointed.

So, I guess, in some strange way, that makes my mission to blog all the more pertinent. I still want to bring sound decorating advice to my readers, and I can do it for free, dang it! I am hopeful that some of domino's contributors will start their own projects too. I'll have to keep an ear to the ground for you.

In the mean time, here is a link to the NY Times article detailing the closure of one of the BEST decorating magazines of our time. So long domino, you will surely be missed by each and every one of your 800,000 loyal readers.


Candace said...

Boo! That's sad news. I love that mag. Thanks for doing your part to fill the void!

Aimee said...

I am so sad! I LOVE domino! It was such a cool magazine, so approachable and so modern. It will definitely be missed!