Tuesday, April 8, 2008

accent walls

If you are afraid of using color on your walls, but are curious nonetheless, I would suggest starting with one wall. An accent wall can provide a powerful visual punch to any room, especially when used on a prominent wall in the room. For instance, painting a wall surrounding a fireplace will give it instant importance, and reclaim it as the focal point of the room. Top the mantel with coordinating accessories, to complement that wall color, not compete with it, and you are all set. Accent walls are also an excellent way to confirm a color palette or introduce a new color altogether. And that color can speak volumes about the mood you want that room to create. For example, my living room rug contains variations of tan, brown, pale aqua and apricot. At first, I painted two walls tan, and two walls aqua. While the colors were beautiful, the room felt cool and formal. I quickly changed the combination- three walls tan and one wall soft pumpkin. Now it feels like the cozy, welcoming living room I imagined before we moved in. So, if you are afraid to commit to color, try starting with an accent wall. You will find that it instantly changes the look of your space.


Aimee Floto said...

Beautiful color choices, I am so jealous that you are not afraid to make the leap to color and to take a chance that you could be wrong and then try again. Both of the rooms look beautiful!

Betsy said...

That is the beauty of paint! You can always start over!