Sunday, February 24, 2008

kitchen coordinates

In my kitchen, I have a cute little buffet that provides much needed storage and counter space along a wall which was once empty. My mother-in-law and I found it at an antique mall in Port Orchard, and I knew on the spot that it would be the perfect piece to fill that void. While the curtains, a small print black toille fabric, were cute, they just didn't fit with the valance I already had. Also, I have always struggled with the color and design of the vinyl tile in my kitchen. It is mostly black with a green diamond shape right in the middle. Sort of retro, and not my style, it was installed by the previous owners. I had been ignoring it,since the green really did not fit into my scheme.

Last week, I realized that I already had the perfect fabric to unite the floor, the buffet and the valance. About a year ago, my mom and I were shopping in Illinois at a discount accessories store called Old Time Pottery. There was a huge table with home decor fabric remnants on sale for $5/yd. As luck would have it, I found two great bundles of yardage of two Waverly fabrics I had been wanting to buy. So I did,without knowing exactly what project I would use them for. A great lesson in creating your design sense, is to snatch up those items that inspire you when you first see them. Hold onto them long enough and you discover their purpose.

Here are a few before and after pics. I still intend to find a kitchen rug that incorporates all of the colors and maybe with a splash of summer orange to add zing.

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Aimee Floto said...

Another great solution to a common problem - kitchen storage. Good thing you bought that fabric with Mom! I love the fabric - it is gorgeous - I can see why you bought it. Did you paint the buffet black - or was it that way when you bought it? I also really like that you have table lamps in the kitchen. It warms things up in what can be a sterile room.