Thursday, January 31, 2008

thoughts on slipcovers

Slipcovers are a thing of beauty...but only when your cats don't scratch on them,as badly behaved cats might, on normal upholstery fabric. It has occurred to me that there is absolutely no good reason for Chris and I to spend $1800 on a nice sofa because our kitties, love them as much as we do, just live to sink their claws into the sides of our unsuspecting(mostly second- hand) furniture. Max and Basie were just too old when we adopted them to make declawing an option. So, they sort of wreak havoc on the upholstery despite our somewhat irregular attempts to get them scratching on posts. ( It may be enlightening to add "undisciplined" to the long list of qualities that our kitties possess.) Take for instance this bargain: a wing chair of sound design rescued from St.Vinnie's for a whopping $18.oo. A somewhat bland but decent slipcover from Target for $40. Sibling cats from the Moscow, Idaho Humane Society...priceless. Nonetheless, they add everything that is cozy, cuddly, silly, and happy to our home. So Chris and I came up with this saying to keep light of it in our minds: " Hey you guys, can't we have other people's old things?" This has become sort of a mantra for me and all of my decorating endeavors at home.

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